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Soon after he walks on stage, you could hear a pin drop. With cultural sensitivity, great experience and a captivating stage presence, he mesmerizes international audiences and especially those who believed to "have seen it all".

The instrument on which Lucca is playing masterfully is your imagination. A table, two chairs and a notepad is all that he requires to bend the laws of physics and let your mind work wonders.

Whether you want your guests to remember your message or simply have a great time, Lucca will involve your audience and have them talk about your event for a long time.

I want a miracle for my next event!

A truly amazing show

At your next event you want to give your audience something to talk about for years. An experience that will fascinate and connect the most fastidious guests, who have seen almost everything else.

As a solo-performer or together with his wife Anca and their signature-act The Mind-Reading Revolution, the multiple awarded international Champion of Mental Magic amazes thousands on a big stage as much as informal groups at a cocktail reception.

They will remember and appreciate your endeavor to provide an extraordinary experience that stays in their hearts and minds forever.

Hiring the right performer for a corporate event is crucial for its success. An entrepreneur himself for more than 20 years, Lucca understands his clients and they know why they rely on him again and again.

An overview of the most acclaimed illusions

The Mind-Reading Revolution: This sensational act that made Lucca and Anca European and Vice-World Champions of Magic in the category of Mental Magic. 

Year of Birth: Within seconds Lucca receives the year of birth and name of a person that you've only thought of and gives you a very special present for them. The whole audience calls out the countdown!

Touches: Two spectators are sitting on stage with closed eyes. Altough Lucca only touches one of them, the other one feels the same touch on his body simultaneously.

Scrabble: 5 spectators secretly choose a letter. With the help of the audience, Lucca builds a word with these letters. 

Sherlock Holmes: A spectator chooses a random page number, a line and the position of a word. Lucca immediatly names the word on this position. The spectator then thinks of another word, Lucca names it without any further information.

Numerology: Up to 35 spectators call out a number from 0 to 9. Added up and transformed into letters according to a "numerology table", they make up the name of a random spectator.

Fotographic Memory: 50 spectators randomly choose a foto of a celebrity. Within less than a minute Lucca memorizes all pictures and all spectators. Two spectators then swap seats. Lucca immediately identifies both, the spectators and their (now hidden) celebrity foto!

Any Word: Randomly chosen spectators, each write a letter on a board. Against all odds, they make up any word you wish to see.

Lottery: 6 spectators are merely thinking of a number between 1 and 49. Lucca calls them out without hesitation.

The Knight's Tour: Even absolute chess novices are amazed by the solution of this puzzle, which enthuses with a magical climax.

Out of Body: While Lucca's pulse stops, his spirit is hovering over a spectator and sees what nobody else could know.

Influence: Two spectators freely choose a country and a letter. Nevertheless, it appears as if Lucca must have known their random choices already long before the show.

Phoenix: A signed playing card is burnt without the shadow of a doubt. Like Phoenix rising from the ashes, the card reappears in the jacket pocket of a spectator.

"I worked with Lucca for a corporate event and found Lucca to be a true magician - he left everyone feeling good about themselves."

Cordelia Choy - Event manager, Choysis, Hong Kong

Corporate event @ Paresa Resorts, Phuket - 02/2010

"With charm and elegance you have entertained the guests of our Fundraising Dinner."

Dr. Agnes Husslein - Director, Ă–sterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna

Fundraising Dinner @ Belvedere Vienna - 04/2010

"Lucca was pure magic for the audience! Continuous amazement over his performance and a great mystery. Working together with Lucca was highly professional and easy-going."

Silvia Kosbow - Marketing Manager, Deichmann

Corporate event @ Vienna - 31/01/2014

"Lucca mesmerized, surprised and amazed all participants and granted us magical moments. With his charming, eloquent and open-hearted personality, he created a very special mood and suspense in very short time. The art of illusions at the highest level!"

Martina Aichner - Human Resources Manager, Kia Austria

Kick-Off Meeting @ Baden (Austria) - 13/11/2014

"Lucca gave our 400 guests through excellent illusions, as well as charm and sensitivity, a new perspective on magic. The feedback was great!"

Herbert Stepic - CEO, Raiffeisen International

Christmas party @ Raiffeisen International - 12/2010

"With Lucca we were able to delightfully surprise our guests. His performance was intellectual, poetically mysterious and humorous. Thank you!"

CĂ©line Garaudy - Director, Chambre de Commerce Franco Autrichienne

International Gala Dinner @ Radisson, Vienna - 02/2009
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"For our annual event in Monte Carlo we can only allow to show the best of the best. This was absolutely perfect. It was something that has never been made like that in Monte Carlo ... at the same time so sincere, so simple and so amazing!"

Guillaume Rose - Director of Tourism, Monaco Government Tourist Office

Annual meeting of Monaco's entertainment industry @ Monte Carlo (Monaco) - 20/01/2016
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"Specially for our guests he has offered a great show, which was incredibly exciting and impressive. His sensitivity and sense for setting the right emphasis amazed our guests."

Monique Dekker - General Manager, Park Hyatt Vienna

New Year's Eve Gala @ Park Hyatt Vienna (Austria) - 31/12/2015
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"Lucca and Anca were charming, funny and performed perfectly on stage. Lucca even connected our guests with each other. That was perfect for our conference."

Wolfgang Raschka - Head of Contract Management & Legal Operations; Siemens Austria

International Legal & Compliance Meeting, Vienna - 02/05/2016
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"We did a record in auction amounts and that happened to a big part with Lucca's help. It was definitely the right choice. It set the tone. People were on their seats and very impressed."

Tim Boda - Director of Culinary Excellence & Events, Minor Group

Charity - Gala Dinner @ Anantara Siam (Bangkok) - 17/02/2016

„Lucca & Anca have captured our audience from the very first minute and maintained this mesmerization throughout the whole show. Whith charm and humour they have granted us a view into a mystical dimension, which was honoured by our audience with enthralled feedback."

Martin Richter - Unicredit Group

Corporate Gala @ Casino Velden 24/11/2016

Our event "Consultants´Day & Night" was a true success and the feedback of our members was extremely positive. Lucca has contributed very much to this success with his motivational speech in the afternoon and his show in the evening. We want to thank him one more time officialy.

Markus Roth - Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria

Speech & Show @ Design Center Linz 23/05/2018