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The art of wonder

Speaker & Illusionist
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TV - Prediction of the Austrian National Election 2017
Anca & Lucca on Penn & Teller: Fool Us August 2019
Lucca Trailer 2023
ORF - VERA 27.01.2023
Trailer Theater-Show "Anca & Lucca - The Mind-Reading Revolution"
Anca & Lucca at ORF June 2018
Keynote-Speech September 2018

Public Dates

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Apr 2024
Anca & Lucca - The Mind-Reading Revolution
Vienna - Theater Akzent
14:00 Get tickets
Apr 2024
Anca & Lucca - The Mind-Reading Revolution
Vienna - Theater Akzent
19:00 Get tickets
Aug 2024
Anca & Lucca - The Mind-Reading Revolution
Milazzo (Italy)


The Mind-Reading Revolution


The Mind-Reading Revolution


The Mind-Reading Revolution


Event Booking

Sophisticated entertainment for exclusive events

Amaze my guests

Parlour Magic

“The Salon of Wonder" is the most fascinating way to experience magic and a once-in-a-lifetime event you will never forget... 


Anca & Lucca

The reigning World Champions of Mental Magic amaze everybody, as a sophisticated highlight at your next event or as a full-length theater-show...    

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The Speaker

Lucca’s keynote speech lets you discover the connection between amazement and creativity. Learn and profit from the thought patterns of a highly creative magician… 

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"Your show was absolutely remarkable and extraordinary, the guests were mesmerized and amazed. I will definitely recommend you guys to any of our sister hotels around the world. I have got incredible comments from our guests as well as our hotel team, I felt proud choosing your show for such an important event. It will be very hard to top this next year. Thanks a lot!"

Yasmine Adel - Marketing & Public Relations Manager Hilton Kuwait

Show @ Hilton Kuwait Resort
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"For our annual event in Monte Carlo we can only allow to show the best of the best. This was absolutely perfect. It was something that has never been made like that in Monte Carlo ... at the same time so sincere, so simple and so amazing!"

Guillaume Rose - Director of Tourism, Monaco Government Tourist Office

Annual meeting of Monaco's entertainment industry @ Monte Carlo (Monaco)
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"We did a record in auction amounts and that happened to a big part with Lucca's help. It was definitely the right choice. It set the tone. People were on their seats and very impressed."

Tim Boda - Director of Culinary Excellence & Events, Minor Group

Charity - Gala Dinner @ Anantara Siam (Bangkok)
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"Specially for our guests he has offered a great show, which was incredibly exciting and impressive. His sensitivity and sense for setting the right emphasis amazed our guests."

Monique Dekker - General Manager, Park Hyatt Vienna

New Year's Eve Gala @ Park Hyatt Vienna (Austria)


"As a theater owner I want to book a show that is really well received. The show of Anca & Lucca left no wishes in this respect: Grandiose illusions, creative ideas and an incredibly charming dealing with the public. My guests thanked them with beaming faces and standing ovations."

Pat Perry, CLOSE-Theater, Zürich

theatre show @ Zürich

Thanks again, the distinguished wedding guests were thrilled. Your skills, charm and entertainer qualities were an enrichment for the party. A la bonheur, what you do, is art! You have amazed the guests, it was a splendid combination of surprising experiences.

JULIAN AMENTH - Wedding & Events

Wedding @ Stadtpalais Liechtenstein (Vienna)

"So classy, so elegant. A wonderful, wonderful act!"

Penn & Teller - Las Vegas Headliner

"Anca & Lucca will revolutionize the art of mind-reading!"

Jeff McBride - Magic & Mystery School Las Vegas

Lucca's performance was a real eye-catcher - the entire team as well as our guests were enthusiastic about the impressive show. We were honored to have the reigning World Champion of Mental Magic as part of our event. He managed to captivate us all. Thank you for the magical time - we will definitely recommend Lucca.

Dagmar Kiraly - Uniqa

"Relentingly frustrating - such a show performance by the world champions.
Because the more astonished I am, the more I want to know how it works... of course, without a chance!!!"

Vera Russwurm (ORF)

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