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One of the worldwide leading mentalists


Lucca is one the most creative and leading mentalists worldwide. His own projects and inventions demonstrate how one can use the sense of wonder for his own creativity and innovations.

Right from the age of nineteen, Lucca has been developing new concepts and technologies as an entrepreneur. Since 2008 he devoted himself to study and evoke amazement. In his fascinating and captivating motivational speech, he illustrates the coherence between amazement, curiosity and creativity.

Use amazement for your own creativity

 The Rediscovery of Amazment

  • How to re-discover the elation of amazement
  • How to discover the correlation between amazement and curiosity

Curiosity is the key to innovation

  • How to shake off your fear of unfamiliar territory
  • Developing the courage to question everything

Thinking like a magician

  • How to see the familiar from a new perspective
  • How to get new ideas in your sleep
  • How to increase your quality of life
  • How to create simply genious and geniously simple innovations

Our event "Consultants´Day & Night" was a true success and the feedback of our members was extremely positive. Lucca has contributed very much to this success with his motivational speech in the afternoon and his show in the evening. We want to thank him one more time officialy.

Markus Roth - Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria

Speech & Show @ Design Center Linz
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