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Since 2011, LUCCA - Parlour Magic (The Salon of Wonder) ist one of the most successful magic hsows in Austria. After a visitor record in 2022 this show is only available for groups at request. As new World Champions of Magic, Anca & Lucca are currently touring in Europe.

In Austria in 2023 they can be seen publicly in their mental-magical theater show "Anca & Lucca - The Mind-Reading Revolution".

Amazed like never before...

Breathtaking luxury leads the way through the doors. Miracles happen. No noise dazzles, no curtain cloaks. Illusions and reality blur into each other. And again and again the time stands still. Magic, so unfathomable like never before.

Experience Austria's most exclusive magic show at Park Hyatt Vienna's Beletage. Either the parlour magic show or the full-evening dinner show.


In an intimate setting of not more than 48 guests, you will experience the most direct and certainly most amazing form of magic - parlour magic.

Lucca takes his guests on a journey through his World of Wonder, in which even mind-reading, and telekinesis seem possible. If you dare, you can even become part of the magic yourself and experience the miracles as close as it gets.

Experience the long-term success "The Salon of Wonder"







For exclusive private parties, Lucca's show can be accompanied by an exquisite 3 or 4-course dinner.

The evening starts with a champagne reception and takes you alternately to the dinner tables and one of four shows in the adjacent salon. Time flies by as you and other guests keep questioning, laughing and marvelling over the impossible. Magically, every guest will sit - at least once - in the first row.

Duration: 4 hours
Price: at request


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"Lucca is amazing. He exceeded our expectations every single time. Having Lucca around will definitely leave an unforgettable moment for your guests."

Manish Jha - General Manager, Anantara Hua Hin

The Salon of Wonder @ Anantara Hua Hin

"I have seen many magic tricks in my life, but Lucca ranks amongst the top. He is truly a first class performer."

Allan Zeman - Chairman, Lan Kwai Fong Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong

The Salon of Wonder @ Andara, Phuket (Thailand)

"World class! People have no imagination what they are missing, if they haven’t seen Lucca's performances."

Torsten Richter - Cluster General Manager, Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas, Maldives

The Salon of Wonder @ Anantara, South Male Atoll (Maldives)
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