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My Philosophy

Goethe once said that “The highest to which man can attain is wonder”. Paradoxically, nothing is more natural for a child than to stand and wonder. But, as we grow up, we all too easily lose this sense for the magical moments in our everyday lives.


More and more I find my thoughts preoccupied with the search for this lost magic – which I discover in nature, in foreign cultures, in religions, in music and in human relationships. Later I work the magic into my illusions, in which I like to involve my guests. This way I want to remind my guests of the unique experience of wonderment and encourage them to find and embrace it in their everday life.


Altough I don't make a difference between amazement for life and for a magic illusion, I never try to make my audience believe that what I'm doing is anything else than illusions for entertainment. An artist should inspire and enlighten others, not pretend to have supernatural powers beyond his performance on stage.

When I discovered magic for the first time, I was overcome by the experience. I can still remember the intoxicating feeling when, after weeks of practice, I managed to transform an object for the first time. Although I knew how I did it, I had deceived my own senses and entered a world in which nothing is impossible. It was a revelation and I sensed already then that this passion would never leave me.


After years of performances, I realized the real magic behind the effects. The ability to create smiles and wonderment for another human being is a very fulfilling power. I get excited about my audience getting excited about my effects. Seeing their happy faces after my shows, I realized how powerful and precious the sense for wonderment is.

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"Lucca is amazing. He exceeded our expectations every single time. Having Lucca around will definitely leave an unforgettable moment for your guests."

Manish Jha - General Manager, Anantara Hua Hin

The Salon of Wonder @ Anantara Hua Hin
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